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Chessboard "Mahogany Deluxe" | Tournament Size | 55 mm | Mahogany & Maple

Chessboard "Mahogany Deluxe" | Tournament Size | 55 mm | Mahogany & Maple

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The chessboard "Mahogany Deluxe" is matted, made of mahogany and maple wood and, with a field size of 55 mm, suitable for use in tournaments. The chessboard is characterised by a strong contrast between the light and the reddish chess squares, with which chess pieces made of rosewood or rosewood in particular harmonise. The border of the chess squares is black and separates the playing area from the frame of the chessboard. The recommended height of the king is approx. 95 mm in order to create the right proportions between the pieces and the board.


  • Material: Mahogany & Maple wood
  • Field size: 55 mm
  • Format: FIDE standard
  • Overall size: 550 mm
  • Features: Inner border in black
  • Recommended king's height: 90 to 105 mm

Important information:

The board is made of fine woods and has a natural wood grain. The chess pieces are not included in this offer and are only for display purposes.
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